DAS makes 5G real everywhere !

모든 이동통신 사용자가 5G의 향상된 속도와 실시간 서비스를 즐길 수 있도록
5G DAS 시스템을 공급하고 있습니다

Multi-band DAS for 5G

Tri-mode: WCDMA/ FD-LTE/ 5G
Quad-band: 900MHz/ 1.8GHz/ 2.1GHz/ 3.5GHz
Data compression/ Wide coverage with Low-NF, UL frequency-band partition
RX gain measurement
GaN HEMT Amplifier to minimize power consumption
Easier maintainability of RU through Status monitoring & Control via Bluetooth interface
Backplane based RU for high scalability
Dynamic resources allocation of MHU for service continuity of RU
Noise detection and management to provide more stable service

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Multi-band DAS for 4G

Tri-mode: WCDMA/ FD-LTE/ Mobile WiMax
Quad-band: 900MHz/ 1.8GHz/ 2.1GHz/ 2.3GHz
Noise detection and management to provide more stable service
Capacity management with flexible capacity switching
Backplane based HRU for high scalability and easy maintainability

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Compact DAS

Output RF power 26dBm
Tri-band: 900MHz/ 2.1GHz/ 2.5GHz
System on Chip on RU for Compact size/ Low power/ Cost effective
PoC  to lower installation cost & realizing small form-factor RU
Selective interface (Optic or UTP) between EU and RU

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 Dual-mode: WCDMA/ FD-LTE
6-band: 700/ 800/ 900 MHz & 1.5/ 1.7/ 2 GHz
Multi-Carrier: 1 to 4 carriers per frequency
Automatic detection & setting of each carrier through BIU
RU scalability up to 32 units with MU-cascading
 Power supply of RU supports both AC and DC (DC via a composite cable)
Monitoring RF signal quality through CCDF & Spectrum display
Eco green system
Noise detection and management to provide more stable service

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RF repeater for 5G

3.5GHz band for 5G service
5G TDD SYNC extraction
Isolation check function for stable service
1W output power
Support SISO mode
Operating temperature/humidity :  -10~40°C / 0~90%

Tri-band RF repeater

Tri-band : 900MHz (10M BW)/ 1.8GHz(20M BW)/ 2.1GHz(20M BW)
Isolation check / Sleep mode
Variable service bandwidth
 ReMS inside for Status monitoring & Control
Operating temperature/humidity :  -10~40°C / 0~90%

5G mmWave Hybrid-repeater

28GHz mmWave for 5G NR service
 Hybrid of RF-repeater (WAN side) and DAS (LAN side)
 5G TDD SYNC extraction
Downlink 38dBmi EIRP output power
Uplink 27dBmi EIRP output power
 Support both SISO and MIMO
 Operating temperature/humidity :  -30~55°C / 5~95%

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