Wi-Fi 6 era now !

“Wi-Fi 6” (aka 802.11ax) is the next generation WiFi standard,
which dramatically enhances quality of experience at a dense area, from venues to offices

Tri-band AP with Wi-Fi 6

Tri-band (1×2.4GHz & 2x5GHz) 4×4 Wi-Fi AP with Wi-Fi 6 wave2
MU-MIMO & OFDMA for uplink/downlink
4x longer OFDM symbol for wider coverage
Network efficiency by BSS color (Frequency reuse)
Longer battery life by “Target Wake Time”
Air-time fairness & TX beam-forming
+23dBm TX power over all MCS
Number of antennas: 8×8 (4×4 external + 4×4 internal)
Concurrent users up to 1,500
Max throughput: Combined 5.4Gbps, where 5.4Gbps = 0.6Gbps (2.4GHz) + 2 x 2.4Gbps (5GHz)
Access Controller mountable

Dual-band AP with 802.11ac

 Dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) 4×4 Wi-Fi AP with 802.11ac wave2
 MU-MIMO for downlink
Band-steering for load-balancing between 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Bandwidth agility
 Air-time fairness & TX beam-forming
+23dBm TX power over all MCS
Concurrent users up to 1,000
Max throughput: Combined 2.3Gbps, where 2.3Gbps = 0.6Gbps (2.4GHz) + 1.7Gbps (5GHz)
Access Controller mountable

Access Controller (AC)

Cost-effective AC to manage multiple APs for SMB
2 AC types: AC inside AP / Standalone AC
Network management
  . AP grouping and different service profile for each group
  . AP configuration management
  . Wi-Fi network configuration management
Auto configuration with downloading from a master AC
Setup wizard for configuring Wi-Fi network easily
User management with embedded authorization server
Captive portal to support redirection HTTP 302

Wi-Fi based Backhauling System

High throughput up to 800Mbps at 80MHz@5GHz under Line-of-sight and Non-interference conditions
Easy installation and long-range backhauling by integrated polarized antennas
High degree of resistance against dust and water by IP-67 housing
Stronger security by AES encryption